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"A man and a woman set out on a journey travelling from the north of Europe to the south in order to explore flamenco, a new culture and human nature."


The main characters of the film are Marika and Arthur. Marika is Estonian, she lives in Tallinn, runs a flower shop and takes flamenco dancing courses. She loves music, dance and is a warm, joyful and spontaneous person. Arthur is Armenian and lives in Sweden. He is open, easygoing, makes friends easily everywhere and can communicate with people even without a mutual language. He is a natural philosopher who respects people and wants to learn from each person he meets.

Though Marika and Arthur live in two different cities, they are a couple. They both love music and travelling because at that moment they are together.


The film begins in Tallinn at the flamenco dancing course, with Marika dancing, instructed by her Estonian teacher Claudia Shevtshenco, a famous choreographer and dancer in the Baltic states. Later, in Stockholm Marika and Arthur go to a concert of the Swedish well-known flamenco guitarist, Erik Steen. They feel inspired and decide to travel to Spain in order to learn more about flamenco.

During their trip through different Spanish cities the characters meet artists and ordinary people, speak with them about love and dissatisfaction, joy and sorrow. They learn a lot about the art of flamenco, the Spanish culture, human nature and of course, about each other.