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Ashot Shiroian - director, scriptwriter (Sweden)

Ashot Shiroian, a filmmaker and composer, was born in Armenia. Since 1992 he has been living and working in Sweden. His filmography includes short films, music videos and documentaries, several of which reached wide audience through television and film festivals, among which are International Film Festival of Fine Arts (Hungary), Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt (Germany), Asolo Art Film Festival (Italy), Golden Apricot Festival (Armenia) and others.

Joan Marimon Padrosa - director, scriptwriter (Spain)

Joan Marimon Padrosa, a scriptwriter and director, lives and works in Barcelona. He has written and directed three feature films: L'enigma Giacomo (2008), "Pactar con el gato" (2007) and "El caso de la novia dividida" (2006). "Pactar con el gato" obtained 10 nominations for the Barcelona Awards and a series of awards at other festivals, such as the Prix Demon a la Bienal d'Annecy. Joan has also directed several short films and was a co-author of "The Dictionary of Audiovisual Scripts" which he has written together with Jesus Ramos and which received the Difusio al Guio prize.

Antonia Casado Ruiz - producer (Spain)

Antonia Casado Ruiz is a producer. For the last 20 years she has worked with the audiovisual productions and film schools. She was a general manager of the film school CECC (Cinematographic Center of Catalonia). As an executive producer or director of production she did 15 feature films, more than 200 short films and 20 documentaries, among which are "Pactar con el gato" (2007), "El cerco" (2005), "Viernes" (2004) "Los niņos del Nepal" (2002) and others. Several of these films have been awarded at the festivals of Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Sundance and Karlovy Vary.

Elena Slavinskaya - producer, scriptwriter (Sweden)

Elena Slavinskaya, a producer, scriptwriter and photographer, was born in Russia. Currently lives in Sweden. Since 2002 she has worked .together with Ashot Shiroian on the film productions.