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As we strive after the cultural and musical diversity in the documentary, we would like to show both well-known artists and also almost unknown singers and dancers who perform in the flamenco clubs, showing a high-level quality. We would like to draw a special attention to the unknown artists because this phenomenon comes from a true fact: there do exist many high-level flamenco artists whom everybody can find in the most unexpected places. The travelers Arthur and Marika will bring the audience to a universe where artistry has a permanent value. Beauty can be born at any place and any moment.


Estonia:  Claudia Shevtshenco - choreographer, dancer

Sweden:  Erik Steen - guitarist, composer, Fredrik GIlle - percussionist

Spain:  Agusti Espin - bass guitarist, Pau Vallet - guitarist, Ignasi Coma - guitarist,

Francisco Santiago - percussionist, Isaac Barbero - dancer, Cristina Chacon - dancer,

Jose El Salaito - singer, Eva Maria Santiago - dancer, Alba Guerrero - singer,

Marina Gonzalez - palmas, clap singer, Zarrita - singer, Juan Antonio Santiago - singer,

Juantxin Osaba - guitarist, Cristobal Salazar - percussionist,

Salvador Martos - percussionist, teacher, Antonio Garcia de Quero - guitarist,

Hugo del Pino - guitarist, Luis Cordoba - guitarist, Francisco Lara - singer,

Andres Gimenez Fernandez - dancer, Jorge Mario Sanchez - clap singer, Israel Heredia - clap singer,

Niņa Pastori - singer, Tomasito - singer, Miguel Poveda - singer,

Ismael Tamayo - singer, Jose Antonio Rojas - guitarist, Juan Manuel Lucas - percussionist,

Francisco Jose Aragon - clap singer, Alvaro Delgado - clap singer,

Roberto Chamara - clap singer, Franciso Javier Hidalgo - dancer,

Yasaray Rodriguez - dancer, Jose Luis Silva - guitarist, Jose J. Moreno - singer,

Pepe Montaraz - singer, Petra Arenga - palmas, Rosario Arenga - dancer, teacher,

Jose Sanchez - singer, Jose Maria Piņero - guitarist, Agustin Otero - clap singer.